They’re back!

Well, they will be soon in the USA, anyway!

War of the Worlds, Gabriel Byrne’s exciting foray into the world of speculative fiction on screen, is back for its third season on EPIX in September.

And that is really all we know at this time. IMDB is barely updated at all and information on the Internet is scarce. So we must (deep sigh) wait. Hey, some folks are still waiting (and waiting and waiting) for their favorite series to turn up again on their screens, so WE are the lucky ones. Just a couple of months for US viewers and then later on for UK, Canadian, and Australian/NZ fans.

So enjoy this teaser, which is strategically devoid of anything concrete: no actors we know, no place we know, no plot we know. Is this real? Looks real. Now I sound like one of the characters in Season 2, don’t I? wink

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  1. In Canada, season 3 starts on September 14 on the CBC national network. Looking forward to it.

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