The new season on EPIX starts off September 12 with a bang:

As people across the globe are experiencing hallucinations, MI5 agent Zoe contacts Bill for answers. Meanwhile, Catherine Durand detects unusual black hole activity.

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When last we saw our intrepid survivors, their number had been sadly reduced. And now I see familiar names and so WHAT IS GOING ON!!??

Official Season 3 Trailer

Will the trailer answer our questions? Maybe . . .

Season 3 Overview

Aha! Here is the must watch! The Season 3 Overview goes behind the scenes with the actors. They remind us that the story has taken us back in time. Familiar faces are a welcome sight, but what happens when you happily recognize someone and they look back at you in confusion? Who are you? Yikes!

We all love time travel. Okay, maybe not, but THIS kind of time travel is so intriguing and emotionally touching. Watch the Season Overview at this link — I cannot embed the video here. [As of January 2024, this overview is no longer available on the Internet. sad ]

Gabriel in Season 3, Episode 1

Click to enlarge these images of Gabriel Byrne in the first episode.

So now the scene is set for our heroes to return to battle Monday, September 12, on EPIX Channel in the USA!

Remember that a comfort teddy bear is considered appropriate at scary and emotional times like these.

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  1. I will be watching on Wednesday night when it premieres here in Canada. Fascinating series. Can’t wait to see how it concludes.

    • Episodes 1 and 2 seem so different from the earlier seasons. I tried to explain that a bit today, but I can’t really, without spoiling everything. So strange. Anyway, it’s a great story! How will it end? I guess we’ll find out. <3

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