I promised Gabriel Byrne Art for Part 3 of the April Byrne-ing News and so art you will have!

Film art, television art, fan art, portraits, magazine covers, a coloring book (!), wallpapers, memes, a celebration, and a treat. Art for your heart. Brought to you by the man who has our hearts.

Film Art

First up, a crackerjack Miller’s Crossing alternative movie poster from artist Sam Hadley provided by AMPPosters on Instagram. Sam did a fine job centering Gabriel in the frame here, and all of his character portraits are spot on. The Alternative Movie Poster Instagram is like a buffet of movie art! Check it out, but be prepared for some scary takes on your favorite horror movies. mindblown

Miller’s Crossing, by Sam Hadley

Next, a black and white study of the iconic Tom Reagan. Cycle Marthou shared this on Instagram as well and it is a reminder that all art, including fan art, is a process. And that’s one reason I like to share these with you. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these creations. I hope you do, too.

Gabriel Byrne as Tom Reagan in Miller’s Crossing, by Cycle Marthou

Television Art

Update November 2, 2023: Jessica’s Etsy store has closed. Sorry. –Stella

This ZeroZeroZero TV drama original illustrated cast poster by JessicaOnPaper is available at her store on Etsy. As the description notes, this is original artwork which beautifully captures both the characters themselves and their relationship dynamics. The color palette is in perfect tune with the mood of the drama and her rendition of Gabriel Byrne is so nice that I had to (I had to, I tell you!) pull him out and make a separate pic just for him. If I had any room left on my walls . . .

Original poster art by JessicaOnPaper
Original poster art by JessicaOnPaper
A detail by Stella

A Colorful Conor Horgan Portrait

You are no doubt familiar with this portrait of Gabriel Byrne, brought to you by Dublin photographer and filmmaker Conor Horgan. You can keep up with his activities on Twitter, where he is quite active.

His original portrait is in a slightly tinted black and white. I discovered this colorized version on Twitter, but failed to grab the details. Typing too fast, as usual. I really like what the fan artist did, however, because I do stuff like this all the time and it is FUN. I hope Mr. Horgan will indulge us in this little past-time. We fan artists are essentially harmless, except for making things HOT.

Gabriel Byrne, by Conor Horgan
Edited by a fan

Ireland’s Eye Magazine

The April 2022 issue stars our favorite Irishman, but that’s all we have for the moment. The magazine does have a website, but they seem to update it on an irregular basis, so you must wait (oh no!) for the accompanying article (if I can ever find it). Still, lovely to see Mr. Byrne gracing magazine covers, as always.

The Gabriel Byrne Coloring Book

How I discovered this I do not know, but yes, there is a Gabriel Byrne Coloring Book. Or there was. Once available for purchase at Amazon US, for people who are into that sort of thing, it has since disappeared. I guess Gabriel Byrne fans bought all of the copies!

I personally AM into that sort of thing, obviously, but my colorizing of Gabriel Byrne happens on a computer. Look at this posting’s header up above for an example. But sitting down with markers/crayons and coloring black and white pics of Gabriel on a rainy weekend? Still, that might be nice.

Below is an image that is included in the book: Gabriel Byrne’s official portrait at the National Portrait Gallery in London, a photograph by Alistair Morrison from 1987. You can color that.

Or you could just virtually stroll through the Byrneholics Wallpaper Collection . . . whatever you do, have fun with it!

Portrait by Alastair Morrison, 1987
National Portrait Gallery, London

International Haiku Day

What? You missed it? Well, I did too. International Haiku Day was April 17. Here is a belated celebration:

Gabriel Haiku Wallpaper by Stella, from 2009


Sometimes they are fun. Sometimes they are cringe. Sometimes they are just forgettable. I think you will enjoy these three Gabriel Byrne Memes. If not, I don’t want to hear about it. bigsmile

We were talking about Gabriel Byrne’s film Stigmata on Twitter one day and this popped into that thread:

There were many In Treatment memes back in the day, but this one is a keeper:

Finally, this last one is a meme-ified cartoon by New Yorker cartoonist Ellis Rosen. I spotted it in Wired Magazine, I think. Anyway, it began as The Four Horsemen of Procrastination, but I made it FIVE. I also turned the person sitting at the computer into a woman. For reasons. I hope Mr. Rosen doesn’t mind my taking liberties with his creation. Don’t tell him, okay? Thanks.

Gallery Celebration


2 MILLION views.

TWO MILLION VIEWS of the Byrneholics Gallery!

Wow. Thanks for the views, everyone!


DCSarita shared this on her Instagram on April 21. From what I can tell, Sarita is a flight attendant living in Washington DC. And here she is with Mr. Byrne on her plane! Was he departing or arriving? And to or from where? No way to know, but here he is! heart

Shared by DCSarita on Instagram April 21, 2022

And now we have come to the end of the 3-part extravaganza that is The Byrne-ing News for April, 2022. Thanks for sticking with me through this outpouring of news and pics! I am sure there will be more news about Gabriel’s new projects which are heading to our screens shortly, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, enjoy whatever season your hemisphere is experiencing and stay safe, stay healthy, and stay Byrne-ing! heart


  1. Corazón de Irlanda

    Ireland’s green hides hearts
    of fire, there for you if you
    look into the wild.

  2. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful Gabriel artworks and photos with us Stella.

  3. Thank you, Stella for these wonderful art images of Gabriel. He is and will always be a great inspiration for us all ❤

  4. Lovely and artistic. Thank you Stella!

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