Before I indulge in my Valentine’s Day ritual — hot chocolate with marshmallows (baby, it is cold outside!), some decadent ice cream (it is never too cold for ice cream!), and Gabriel Byrne’s romantic and often heart-pounding (just ask his co-star!) Parisian interlude, Just A Sigh, I thought I would bring you up to date on our favorite Irishman, and also provide a few treats along the way.

Streaming Walking With Ghosts

Videographer Hugh Chaloner worked for several days during the run of the play at the Gaiety Theatre, recording and editing and preparing the digital version that we will all begin streaming starting February 26. Hugh has a great Instagram account where he shares gorgeous landscapes of Ireland and other inspiring photographs, and his website gives you an idea of what being a videographer is all about.

Editing Screen
Hugh Chaloner, Instagram, February 10, 2022

A blast from the past!

This much loved portrait of Gabriel Byrne popped up on Twitter when Conor Horgan—photographer, filmmaker, Dubliner—shared it in honor of the opening of Gabriel’s new play at the Gaiety. I always think he looks as though he’d just come in from a fierce soccer game in this pic. It’s a classic and it was lovely seeing it amidst all of the other celebratory tweets.

Portrait of Gabriel Byrne, by Conor Horgan

Death of a Ladies’ Man

Nope. Not released yet. However, the film we all want to see will be screened in America in March!

The Capital Irish Film Festival (CIFF 2022) will run from March 3 – 6 2022, at the American Film Institute’s Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. The line-up of films is diverse and exciting. Death of a Ladies’ Man screens on Saturday, March 5. This is an in-person event, which is nice, but . . . Still, any exposure this amazing film gets is to be cherished! Cross your fingers for an official US/Global release soon.

You will notice I did not use the word “wait.” No. I checked the thesaurus. Now we are “standing by,” we are “anticipating,” we are “keeping our shirt on!” wink

See? It appears to be showing somewhere!
PS. Disclosure: I made this just for fun

Shane O’Connor, another busy Irish photographer, seems to work primarily in black and white. He never expected to have an opportunity to photograph Gabriel, but when opportunity knocked, he answered, and this is the lovely result!

Gabriel Byrne Portrait by Shane O’Connor, Instagram, February 10, 2022

Miller’s Crossing, Criterion Collection Edition

You can read more about this fantastic new edition of one of our favorite Gabriel Byrne films in my posting announcing its release. And you can buy it at the Criterion Shop, where this is the homepage today (perfect for Valentine’s Day!):

Greg Herald shared this on his Instagram

Megan Abbott, writer and filmmaker, apparently had a blast interviewing Gabriel and his partner in crime, John Turturro, for this new Criterion Collection edition, and if this is not sufficient incentive to make you buy a Blu-Ray player, I don’t know what is!

Fan Art by Juan Malezas, Instagram, February 2, 2022
Isn’t it nice that this film is loved globally?

Spirit of Ireland Gala

Thanks to Denise A. Weir, we have this lovely surprise, which surprised HER when she found it in the mail. Being a subscriber to a newspaper/magazine in print has its perks and this is definitely one of them. Thanks, Denise, for sharing this with us! heart

Gabriel Byrne and honoree Joanie Madden
at the 2021 Spirit of Ireland Gala, held in New York City in December.


Crossing the Line Podcast interviewed Gabriel back in September, and it seems to have been an inspirational experience because they’ve been cranking out memes and contests and generally tooting the Gabriel Byrne horn ever since. Which we totally understand, right? Here are two of their creations that I particularly enjoyed and I hope you will, too. Thanks, guys, for sharing this Byrne-ing Goodness with us!

War of the Worlds, Season 3 . . .

Is happening. Is on the way. Is in the can.

Shooting has wrapped and I have proof:

“Oh, really?” You respond, your tone unconvinced and slightly superior. Yes! Yes, really! Posting to her Instagram in January 2022, Samantha Jones noted that this “end of production wrap party gift” had only been delayed by 3 months, but that was okay because it was obviously expensive and she was feeling spoiled again.

Of course, her Instagram account has disappeared now, but I’m not letting that minor detail deter me from my certainty.

War of the Worlds, Season 3, is in our future. Be prepared.

Don’t forget your friends. They’ll keep you company during the scary bits.

Mystery Pic

It takes a team sometimes. Violetta, our Facebook Administrator, discovered this lovely pic of Gabriel with a mystery make-up artist. Now, what film? TV production? Appearance? Together, we put on our detective hats and proceeded to investigate. First thought: Lost Girls. But a perusal of production shots and screencaps proved that THIS tie was never on screen, so probably not. Violetta persisted and eventually discovered the name of the make-up artist and, armed with that new info, I located her in IMDB. Sure enough: Tricia Heine was the Make-up Department Head on the Netflix film, Lost Girls. Voilà! Mystery solved.

Gabriel Byrne, with make-up artist Tricia Heine

Wow! You made it to the end. Here’s your Valentine’s Day Celebration Wallpaper set, a fitting reward for such devotion!

Byrne Up Your Screen for Valentine’s Day!

Fun, sweet, heart-throbby, seriously romantic, silly.

Gabriel Byrne is here to suit your Valentine’s Day mood!

Go on. Download them. You know you want to. heart

Happy Valentine’s Day to Byrneholics Everywhere! Love, Stella heart heart heart


  1. Shane’s from Wexford! Wow, it seems like forever ago that I was there!

  2. Verónica

    There are many things to talk about, but I always seek for the humor and find yours here Stella. “You will notice I did not use the word “wait”, related to “Death of a Ladies’ Man” screens on Saturday, March 5. I don’t know if I am pretentious, but it seems THAT is for me LOL. By the way I am happy for the news :-)
    Happy Valentine’s day everybody <3

    • You’re not the only one waiting for Death of a Ladies’ Man, Verónica. ;-)

      Other synonyms for “waiting” I discovered:

      Hang onto your hat
      Hold everything
      Cool it
      Hold the phone
      Lie low
      Mark time
      Sit tight
      Hole up
      Sweat it
      Stick around

      So now we have LOTS of words and phrases we can use when we are WAITING for Gabriel Byrne Goodness! <3

  3. So lovely ! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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