As Summer in the Northern Hemisphere begins to wind down (finally!), we look forward to the coming autumn season, with cooler weather, fall colors, and eventually “The Holidays.” And now we know where our Gabriel will be in December!

Business and reports:

Golden Globe winner Gabriel Byrne to accept 2023 TK Whitaker Award for outstanding contribution to public life

Renowned actor to accept 2023 TK Whitaker accolade at the Business & Finance Awards in Dublin this December

The 2023 Business & Finance Awards in association with KPMG has today announced that Golden Globe winner Gabriel Byrne will accept the 2023 TK Whitaker Award which takes place on Thursday, 7th December 2023, at the Convention Centre in Dublin.

The award recognises his unique contribution to public life during an illustrious career spanning almost five decades.

Over 1,000 business, political and social leaders along with representatives from the international arts community will attend the Gala event in December. . .

Commenting on being the recipient of the 2023 TK Whitaker Award, Gabriel Byrne said: “It is an honour to be chosen for the TK Whittaker award and to be aligned with such illustrious previous honourees.”

Speaking about Gabriel Byrne and the TK Whitaker Award, Ian Hyland, President & Publisher Business & Finance said: “We are delighted to recognise Gabriel as a most deserving recipient of the 2023 TK Whitaker Award for his incredible achievements across the globe and his Outstanding contribution and impact across the arts. We look forward to welcoming Gabriel home to Dublin to honour him in the name of another great patriot and global citizen, TK Whitaker.”

Learn more about the man for whom the award is named: T. K. Whitaker, Irish economist, politician, diplomat and civil servant.

Past recipients of the TK Whitaker Award include Ireland’s President, Michael D. Higgins, filmmaker David Putnam, and last year’s honoree, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Please read the entire article linked above and join me in shouting out a hearty Congratulations! to our favorite Irishman, the one and only Gabriel Byrne. heart


  1. Daya Ryelle

    That’s Our Man! Comhghairdeas leat a chailleach!

    (I was going to go with just congrats, but the IE dictionary had “congratulations, my good fellow!” so I went with it. )

  2. Michelle Ayala

    Congrats to Gabriel!

  3. Just came here to share the news that Gabriel’s acceptance speech is available to watch on Business & Finance YouTube channel. Poor Gabriel had a cold, but it didn’t stop him from delivering a powerful (and notably longer than other speakers’) monologue. Beautiful words he said, as always. There’s still a teacher’s spirit in him. He has such clarity of expression and the gift of capturing the listeners’ attention.

    As a person in my 20s, I feel truly inspired and a bit heartened by Gabriel’s thoughts – not just in this speech, but also in his books, interviews etc. Walking With Ghosts changed my life in a way there’s no exaggeration – let me see the great beauty of English language that I couldn’t find before reading it, and also allowed me to slowly but surely embrace the emotional side of humanity.

    No doubt it’s a gift to find (especially) male authors able to speak up about shame, grief, failure, and addiction without this common phoniness, macho-self-made-man attitude. There’s compassion, there’s emotional rawness, sometimes shading into awkwardness. I admire this level of exposure combined with the ability to put it in a universal context.

    What a beautiful, observant person he is! I wish I could meet someone like him (or just him).

    For a longer period of time, I’ve actually been working on a translation of his autobiography into Polish, my native language. I’m not an interpreter (although I do work in text editing), for now this attempt is just my little personal challenge. When I’m able to find more time (my university is successfully taking it up), I’m hoping to finish the translation.


  4. Trish, thanks for the information about Gabriel’s acceptance speech. I’ll check it out and share it with everyone!

    I love your words here so much. He is unique in his ability to share his experience. He is authentic, vulnerable, and — as you say– sometimes awkward. But always honest and unapologetic. I can’t think of anyone else who can touch people’s hearts the way he does, just by telling his own story. Amazing man and a joy to follow and amplify all these years.

    Add to all of that his film, television, and stage work and what a career and life he is having!

    Anyway, thanks for visiting Byrneholics Online and enjoy your translation of his lovely words. I’m doing something similar (writing a screenplay based on a translation of a novel written in a language I don’t even know!) and it is so much fun and such a challenge. A personal challenge only. Your project sounds like it might go somewhere! Stay focused and have fun!

    Stella <3

    • Stella, thank you for your beautiful reply. You’re right about his admirable ability to touch people’s hearts. Maybe it’s a result of his empathy and observational skills, but also the difficult experiences he’d survived (it’s probably also a matter of him being an actor and knowing how to speak). Gabriel can share his personal story, giving it a universal dimension in a way that allows many people to find something “their” in his words.

      And true, what an impressive life!

      I appreciate your encouragement and also wish you good luck with your screenplay – there’s an artist in all of us, indeed. It’s a lovely thing that writing gives you so much joy and allows you to fulfil and grow creatively. When you finish your project, please share it with us if you feel like it. :)

      Take care!

  5. I find it so intriguing that something I read–a novel, a short story, a memoir–can live in my mind until I see the scenes and the backgrounds and the people and I can hear the words being spoken. That’s when I imagine it all happening on a screen. And that’s why a screenplay seems like such a lovely exercise in imagination to me. Anyway, thanks for your kind words. Who knows if I will ever finish this thing? YOU should finish YOUR thing, though. OK!?

    Best. Stella <3

    • Imagination is the beginning of creation, as George Bernard Shaw wrote. Of course, the action is important, not just the outcome. Although transforming works of our imagination into written work requires a great passion, commitment, energy and TIME, it’s such a beautiful thing to do, and, as you said, it’s a great exercise in imagination. That’s probably one of the most wonderful things about humanity – creativity, complemented with the ability to create.

      I will finish it, I PROMISE! Let’s hope we both will finish our projects!


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