Filming for Gabriel Byrne’s latest project, Four Letters of Love, has just wrapped in Ireland. We can’t wait to see this lyrical and lovely tale make its way from page to screen, but wait we must–and so we shall!

Gabriel, co-star Helena Bonham Carter, and faithful friends

Now, where is our favorite Irishman on this St. Patrick’s Day? We know not.

If he is still in Ireland, then he’s already enjoying all the luck. If he’s traveling, we wish him luck. If he is home in Maine, then he is the luckiest of us all. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Gabriel, wherever you are! heart

In the language of the day:
Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!

We are celebrating and getting our green on over at the Byrneholics Facebook Page, so join us there today for holiday wallpapers and quotes from Gabriel’s book, Walking With Ghosts, to observe the day in a very Byrne-ing way! wink

If this does not entice you to visit the Facebook page, well . . . mrgreen

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  1. Dora Baralia

    What a great happiness to be able to share this Award, not only for its director but also for our dear Gabriel. I had no doubts that it would be like that!! For all the emotion that this wonderful animated film carries–it reaches the soul. Thanks to Violetta also for letting us get everything new in advance of that film. I have no doubt that it will be profound and that it will reach our hearts. Thanks to you Stella for making us feel so close to our Admired Gabriel and sending us the memory of such beautiful and heartfelt films. Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU and Violetta, who give us everything on these pages…a big hug to both of you…

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