It began with Charlie’s book, a lovely story with imaginative drawings. It evokes appreciation and smiles, but also a yearning that might surprise you.

What happens when that original project gets more complicated? What happens when the page becomes a screen?

Magic, that’s what.

The short animated film that Charlie and team have created involves almost every aspect of the arts: writing, drawing, painting, animation, voices, and music. Layers and layers of artistry build up to create another version of Charlie’s story: one that reaches an even larger audience and receives even more acclaim.

It’s still the story of The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse, but the impact of the touching story is even more powerful, more memorable. And now, this lovely film has won the BAFTA Award for British Short Animation! Wahoo!

Congratulations to Charlie Mackesy and his partners in story-telling on their BAFTA win!

Oh, look at that BAFTA! Beautiful!

The BAFTA Award Announcement from Apple TV+ Press

Apple Original Films’ Academy Award nominee “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” won the BAFTA Award for Best British Short Animation. “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse,” based on the beloved book by Charlie Mackesy, has been hailed as a “stunning” (Awards Daily) film “translating the exquisite illustrations into hand-drawn animation” (Indiewire), while telling a poignant “tale of love and hope” (The Independent). The acclaimed film was also recently honored with an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short Film, seven Annie Award nominations and an NAACP Image Awards nod for Outstanding Short Form (Animated) film. The winners of the 2023 EE British Academy Film Awards were announced at a ceremony at the Royal Festival Hall on Sunday, February 19.

Be sure to check out the official list of winners at the BAFTA Film Awards website to add some amazing titles to your TBW List.*

The Race to the Oscars

Deadline Contenders Film: The Nominees Panel

In their efforts to provide all the background we might want about the films nominated for this year’s Academy Awards, Deadline presents this panel for The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse, comprised of author/artist/director Charlie Mackesy, director Peter Baynton, and producer Cara Speller.

“I used to lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling and see snowfall and imagine the characters in the book moving. It was a dream of mine to take them further than the static book drawings,” said writer-director Charlie Mackesy during a panel at Deadline’s Contenders Film: The Nominees to discuss The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. . .

After reading Mackesy’s book in 2019, producer Cara Speller said she “completely fell in love with it and got in touch with Charlie and his partner, Matthew Freud, and talked to them about what we could potentially do in turning it into a short film.” After a discussion with the creators, Speller contacted Baynton, who was ready to join as director.

After a few conversations, Baynton was all in — though he said it is always a risky move to adapt a book.

“The thing about a book, and Charlie’s book is no exception, is that there’s so much left to the imagination of the reader… By making a film, we brought a whole load of definition to Charlie’s world,” he said.

Still, Baynton said he was excited to join the “amazing phenomenon that happened” and see such a positive audience response.

The video of their panel cannot be embedded here, so be sure to click the link above to watch and enjoy their conversation!

The Fox (Idris Elba), The Boy (Jude Coward Nicoll),
The Mole (Tom Hollander), and The Horse (Gabriel Byrne)

Now, on to the Academy Awards, scheduled to air March 12. heart

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  1. Dora Baralia

    ALL My admiration for the maker, and too for our dear Gabriel, always doing the best in all that he does. Thanks Stella for this wonderful news. The best for you always ….

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