The closing night film for this year’s San Sebastian Film Festival, Dance First also has its premiere at the festival on September 30! Many thanks to the festival organizers for making all of the videos below available to us so quickly!

Gabriel Arrives

The 15-second “I’m here!” arrival at the festival of our star! star


They are all there, but I don’t think there was a single smile on display! Beckett would probably approve. I blame jet lag. wink

Press Conference

English language version.

Other versions may be found at the film’s webpage, under the Tab labeled Videos.

More pictures, reviews, and other good stuff is coming, so stay tuned!

Congratulations and Kudos to all involved in making this project a reality–especially our favorite Irishman, Gabriel Byrne! heart

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  1. The press conference was intriguing. I very much look forward to this film. as it seems to delve into some fascinating questions and themes in Beckett’s life and work.

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