This final Holiday edition of the Byrne-ing News for 2022, for which you have waited patiently, I know, ( wink ) is just a list of the exciting Gabriel Projects we are anticipating and this year’s attempts, by me, to add to the overall holiday spirit with Gabriel Wallpapers. So, please enjoy and then stay tuned for all the project details as they pop up and surprise in the coming weeks and months!

Things we are looking forward to in 2023

Dance First

The film is in the can, as they say, and due to be released this year. Such an exciting project, with incredible talent on the screen and behind it, too. Can’t wait to see this!

Gabriel Byrne as iconic playwright Samuel Beckett


Filming through February in Prague, this project came out of the blue and surprised us for the holidays! Will it hit screens this year? John Wick: Chapter 4 is due to screen in March 2023, so a fall/winter release for Ballerina seems possible. More news as it surprises us along the way!

Ana de Armas as the assassin and Gabriel Byrne as the mystery man
Gorgeous Fan Poster by Nuno Sarnadas, 2022

Walking With Ghosts on Tour? Yes, please!

The poster tells you everything you need to know. As soon as the details are nailed down, we’ll start making our travel plans!

Gabriel’s First Novel

A story of the Irish Diaspora, we think, set in England, with Irish men and women working to build the railroad. And that’s all we know. And we can’t wait to read it. But we will. Until then, here’s a brief ode to the New Year and reading:

By Philip Larkin, from Collected Poems 1988

Philip Larkin is one of my favorite poets. He became the Librarian at the University of Hull, in England, in 1955. He wrote novels and he was the jazz music critic for The Daily Telegraph. He published poetry all of his life and was recognized as one of England’s great poets. But he never stopped being a librarian. I love that. heart

Holiday Goodies

Here are the 2022 Holiday Wallpapers, created by your host here at Byrneholics, Stella, except for two from the past. Download them for your desktop and enjoy! martini

For the Byrneholics Facebook Page Holiday Celebration
A blast from the past–a Stella Wallpaper from 2014
From 2020

Happy New Year!

In closing, a quiet but evocative nod to Spring from our favorite Irishman, who always inspires and delights us with his art, his commitment, his imagination! heart


  1. Have you ever written any Gabriel poetry?

  2. To bad he can’t stop in Minnesota. Alot of my friends would love to see him.

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