Spring must be on the way, because Gabriel Byrne is coming out to play!

Always ready to support organizations and people he knows could use his help, Mr. Byrne has chosen to help fund Finding Our Voices, a group working in Maine, his home now. As the article explains, “In 2021, Finding Our Voices became a nonprofit organization working to support Maine domestic violence survivors and “amplify survivor voices.” “

The event? An evening with our favorite Irishman, watching The Usual Suspects, with a Q&A session after. And he has specifically noted that ALL his films are on the table for discussion, which could lead to a truly fascinating evening of anecdotes, behind-the-scenes stories, and observations about his life on the screen.

Oh, to be there! heart

“Every penny of the $35 ticket price goes to Finding Our Voices due to Gabriel Byrne not only making this exclusive appearance for Finding Our Voices for free but donating the cost of venue rental, and also the Camden Opera House donating the cost of the licensing fee for the movie!” –from the website

You can help Gabriel support this cause!

Portland Press Herald (Maine, USA):

Actor Gabriel Byrne, living in Midcoast, lends voice to domestic abuse awareness fundraiser

Byrne will appear March 9 at a fundraiser for Finding Our Voices at the Camden Opera House, which includes a screening of ‘The Usual Suspects.’

Gabriel Byrne likes to keep a low profile.

The actor who starred as savvy criminals in “Miller’s Crossing” and “The Usual Suspects” has been living in Rockport for nearly 10 years, quietly enjoying the area’s lively arts scene and a landscape that reminds him of his native Ireland.

But he recently decided to become a bit more public in his adopted home state, to help raise awareness about domestic abuse.

An Evening With Gabriel Byrne will be held March 9 at the Camden Opera House as a fundraiser for the advocacy organization Finding Our Voices. The evening will include a screening of “The Usual Suspects” plus a question-and-answer session with Byrne.

Byrne said he offered to help Finding Our Voices after meeting founder Patrisha McLean, who lives in nearby Camden, at a Midcoast cafe. He said he was impressed with the work that she has been doing and wanted to help in some way.

Read the entire interview, which appears to be freely available, for more!

Tickets for this March 9 event are available at the Camden Opera House, which is in Maine, but if you are in the area, you should go! This is a rare chance to talk with Gabriel about The Usual Suspects and, as he says in the interview, any other film you might like to discuss. So much fun!

Me. On the big screen. Be there!
It’s for a great cause.


  1. Byrneholics you are supporting a true gentleman with a heart of gold. Not only did he offer to do this event for us for free he is donating the rental cost of the venue so every cent of the ticket price goes to Maine domestic abuse survivors through our nonprofit Finding Our Voices!

    • Thank you so much for visiting us! I’m sure the evening will be a big success and I know the cause is so worthwhile. I only wish we could all be there! If you have pics of the event you would like to share, we’d love to see them. I need to go back and check how to donate and add that to the article. Thanks again and tell Gabriel hello for us! –Stella

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