Always the words you want to see when organizing an event that supports a worthy cause, right?

And that’s just what happened when Patrisha McLean and Gabriel Byrne joined forces for An Evening with Gabriel Byrne, in support of Patrisha’s organization, Finding Our Voices.

Patrisha reported on Facebook the next day:

What a night. More than $20,000.00 raised for Finding Our Voices, and a priceless light shone on us and domestic abuse in Maine by Gabriel Byrne. Oscars are tonight but the results are in and he is the winner in all categories. Wonderful having Governor Janet Mills in the audience along with so many others of the survivors on the Finding Our Voices poster and bookmarks. Please share this post!

So I am!

From the event report published by Patrisha McLean:

The Hollywood star Gabriel Byrne brought $20,000 to Finding Our Voices and a whole lot of sunshine to survivors of domestic abuse in a sold-out event for the statewide nonprofit at the Camden Opera House.

The night before the Academy Awards and a week before St. Patrick’s Day, March 9, the award-winning Irish actor, producer, and author hosted a screening of his 1995 movie “The Usual Suspects,” then engaged in a lively in-person question and answer session with an electrified crowd that included Governor Janet T. Mills. Byrne not only offered to do the event for free for Finding Our Voices to break the silence and shame around domestic abuse, but donated costs associated with the event so every penny of ticket sales would go directly to Maine survivors.

Topics touched on in the Q&A by the star of 90 feature films and author of the memoir “Walking with Ghosts” included the filming of “The Usual Suspects” and the similarities between Dublin, Hollywood, and Midcoast Maine where he has lived quietly (until now) for 10 years. 

Byrne ended the three-hour program by praising the “vitally important” grassroots, nonprofit organization Finding Our Voices, and thanking audience members for not only funding the group’s “frontline fight” against domestic abuse in Maine by buying a ticket to the event but, through their attendance, raising their own awareness of the issue.   

“There is a sense of collective pride in being part of something that truly helps in a really visceral, real way for the people who are suffering amongst us,” he said. “I’m really proud of the work that [Finding Our Voices] is doing, and that this little part of the world is open to it. It is an honor for me to be asked to be here.”

Visit the Finding Our Voices website to read the rest of her great report!

Here’s a tiled gallery of images Patrisha McLean also shared on Facebook. Click on each one to see a larger version. Also, these images have been added to the Gallery here at the main website.

Event Gallery

As you can see from the photo below, lots of smiles–plus political AND artistic star-power–on the night.

And, as it turns out, Gabriel’s seven year old daughter Maisie is a budding photographer! Check out the photo below. How cool is that?!

Now you know why his smile is extra bright. bigsmile

Congratulations to Gabriel and Patrisha on such a grand and successful evening! It is always inspiring to see Gabriel stand up for the causes that matter to him, like women’s rights, and to shine a light on issues that often go unnoticed, like domestic violence–especially now, at a time in this country when women are facing new challenges to rights we thought were settled and domestic violence is on the rise.

So heartfelt thanks, Gabriel, as always. And congratulations, Patrisha, on your powerful vision, this great organization you founded, and a successful evening indeed! heart

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