Another remarkable year has raced by us and now it is time to put on your party hats and celebrate the birthday of our favorite Irishman, Mr. Gabriel Byrne!

He says he is taking it easy down on the farm in Maine, but is he really? It does not seem like it! Here’s proof otherwise:


This year saw the world premiere of Gabriel’s most recent film, the Samuel Beckett biopic Dance First, at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain. The reviews are positive and the film will soon be available for streaming from Magnolia Pictures in the USA, so pop that popcorn and prepare to spend some quality time with Ireland’s foremost playwright and our favorite Irishman.

In the pipeline are two films: Four Letters of Love and Ballerina.

Four Letters of Love, based on the best-selling novel by Niall Williams, with Gabriel, Pierce Brosnan and Helena Bonham Carter, is “in the can,” as they say when a film is finished and ready to go. It should be out sometime this year. Behind the scenes promo shots look lovely and anticipation for this film is intense!

Arriving a lot later than expected, Ballerina, Gabriel’s next bad guy role, will not be ready until Summer 2025. Can we wait that long? You bet! This John Wick spin-off will have tons of familiar faces and plenty of action, so put it on your list for summer fun NEXT year. A trailer was screened at Las Vegas CinemaCon, although I cannot find it ANYWHERE. Read the informative and positive 8 Reasons Ana De Armas’ Ballerina Will Succeed to keep your spirits up while waiting!

And last but not least, An L. A. Minute, Gabriel’s 2018 Hollywood satire that came and went in theaters so fast we missed it, was finally released to streaming at Amazon and other streaming places. It’s a hoot, so give it a whirl!


The TK Whitaker Award

The official announcement says:

We are delighted to announce Golden Globe winner Gabriel Byrne as the recipient of the esteemed TK Whitaker Award. Presented by Colum McCann and Ian Hyland, this award honours Irish and international leaders who have made a unique and lasting impact on public life. Gabriel Byrne’s remarkable contributions have truly set a benchmark in this field!

And I said, Gabriel’s work in bringing together business and the arts, shining a light on artists from his home country and around the globe, and encouraging support for artists and for cultural endeavors of every stripe is one of the reasons we all love and respect him so much. “With this award, he is being recognized for his understanding of the way the world works and for his commitment to making it better–as an artist, as a public servant, and as a human being” is what I really said. wink


An Evening with Gabriel Byrne in Maine

As reported by Finding Our Voices founder Patrisha McLean:

The Hollywood star Gabriel Byrne brought $20,000 to Finding Our Voices and a whole lot of sunshine to survivors of domestic abuse in a sold-out event for the statewide nonprofit at the Camden Opera House.

The night before the Academy Awards and a week before St. Patrick’s Day, March 9, the award-winning Irish actor, producer, and author hosted a screening of his 1995 movie “The Usual Suspects,” then engaged in a lively in-person question and answer session with an electrified crowd that included Governor Janet T. Mills.

Photo by Gabriel’s daughter Maisie, another reason those smiles are so bright

Whew! That’s a lot! Kudos to you, Gabriel, as always, and here’s hoping you have a lovely birthday with family and friends. And birthday cake! Happy Birthday, Gabriel! heart heart heart

A Blast from the Past

Keep celebrating with these Gabriel Birthday Cards from the past 16 years!

“Sweet 60” and “Bright Red Happy Birthday Gabriel in a Party Hat” are the creations of Aragarna, the original Smooth Moderator of our Forum.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Byrne” in pink and black is a card created by Facebook Administrator Violetta.

All the rest are mine, except for the “Straight Outta New York” card, which has a picture originally taken by Hannah Beth Byrne and an overlay by my friend over at Flanaholics on Facebook, with colorful embellishments by me. Sometimes it takes a village to wish Gabriel a very Happy Birthday! star

Click individual cards to view larger versions.

And, in closing:

Byrneholics Online Celebrates Sweet Sixteen!

Founded on Gabriel’s birthday in 2008, this website has been in constant operation (except for a few months in 2014 when I was moving) ever since. It is now sixteen years old! This past year has seen improvements to the Interviews page, which has been reorganized and expanded, and I finally updated Gabriel’s Biography and Career Page, bringing it as up-to-date as I can. So, sing Happy Birthday to the Byrneholics website and remember to visit and explore whenever the urge to get Byrned Up strikes you! lol

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