Well, it’s time.

This is the official announcement that this website, Byrneholics Online, is going on permanent hiatus. That’s a nice way of saying I will not be updating it anymore. No more postings, no more news, no more changes to the Interviews Page, no more additions to the Gallery.

This will be the final posting here.

The plan is to continue to keep the website available for a year. So, take some time and download your favorite Gabriel pics from the Gallery or read the postings that you might have missed. You can always use the Search box to hunt for stuff, too.

The Facebook Page for Byrneholics Online will continue as always, with Facebook Administrator Violetta posting pics and news as usual. So, you still have that great place to visit to keep up with the always-busy Gabriel Byrne!

As a going-away gift, I thought I’d share some of the fun memes we’ve created here at Byrneholics over the years. The Byrneholics Fainting Chair (yes, for all those times when our favorite Irishman made us swoon) is probably the most famous. I do wish that coffee mug existed in real life, though. heart

So check out this gallery for a giggle or two. Click on an image if you want to see a larger version or download it. And thanks for all the fun times and the good memories. bigsmile

Ciao, Byrneholics Everywhere. Gabriel Byrne and you kept me busy here for 16 years. I loved every minute of it.

Please take care of yourselves. I wish you every good thing.

Stella heart

Byrneholics Online Website through the years


  1. Mary Hills

    Dearest Stella you have provided us with so much joy that we may well have missed if not for your devotion to our lovely man. I personally have had to request the fainting chair on many occasions and hope to still be able to get this via the Facebook page. Thank you is not nearly adequate for what you have done here and I hope to share many more Gabriel related exploits with you.

  2. Lucy Webb

    Thank you for posting all the Gabriel news. It was a nice way to keep up with him. What a treasure you are in his life. Good luck with all your future endeavors!

  3. Dear Stella.

    Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done to create joy and information for all of us that have a deep admiration and a warm heart for Gabriel Byrne. Thank you Stella. I will never forget YOU.

  4. 16 years? Good grief! Stella you have done an amazing job with this website, Byrneholics was my first dip into the realm of Fandom and I was made to feel welcome by you and everyone here. It was quite the community. I hope our paths will still cross occasionally on what used to be Twitter or Facebook. I wish you all the best and thank you again for all you have done

  5. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful space. This site is not only a great archive of information, but also a repository of reflections from visitors (all the analysis, opinions, and memories of people who had the opportunity to encounter Gabriel). You have been pouring a tremendous amount of effort into running this site, and it is a wonderful gift. Wishing you all the best!

  6. Carolin S.

    Dear Stella,
    we don’t know each other for very long, but I’m happy to have found you and the Byrneholics. Such a warm community. Thank you so much for this wonderful page and the great reports about Gabriel Byrne that you have written with so much heart and soul. I wish you all the very best. Hope we can keep in touch via Facebook. Lovely greetings

  7. Dear Stella,

    It has been a real privilege to follow Byrneholics for more years than I can remember. This was no typical fan website that you created. The title was witty and fun. The content , especially your essays , was always thoughtful and brilliantly written. You brought a fresh perspective and insight to the man’s professional work and causes. Sometimes provocative, always witty and respectful, the site was a joy to discover. I will miss this site about Gabriel, but I will also miss your way of making us think beyond the page. All the best in your future endeavours.

  8. Hi! Wow, I’m late to the party, for noticing this message just now. Sorry! Thanks for all your work on this website AND on helping out with two of my projects. I’ll never forget! And it was lovely meeting you in Ireland. Unforgettable day that was! All the best, warm wishes,

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