Interview: Gabriel Byrne Talks about Everything

Less than a week away from opening night, here is Gabriel Byrne talking about everything. Soon he will share what he is feeling and thinking about the past, present, and future–captured in his book and now, through some magical alchemy, presented on stage–with all those lucky enough to be in […]

On Stage: Walking With Ghosts

For ticket availability, visit The Gaiety Theatre website! From Landmark Productions: Walking with Ghosts written and performed by Gabriel Byrnedirected by Lonny Price Landmark Productions and Lovano Gabriel Byrne on stage. In his own words. Walking with Ghosts is a homecoming.   Gabriel Byrne returns to the Gaiety Theatre for the […]

Gabriel Byrne on The Tommy Tiernan Show

This is, without a doubt, one of the best interviews Gabriel Byrne has ever done. Funny, thoughtful, provocative, vulnerable, daring–he does it all, and that’s due, in some part, to the insightful and well-designed questions put to him by his host, Tommy Tiernan. Gabriel turns the tables on him during […]


The premiere of this new stage work, Walking With Ghosts, written and performed by Gabriel Byrne, based on his best-selling memoir from last year, is set for January 27 at the historic Gaiety Theatre in Dublin. It will be a night to remember, so if you can go, then GO! […]


I should be making NEW Mega Movie Pages for you, and I am. Seriously, I am. I have one in the works right now. Trust me. wink Still, it’s hard to make new Mega Movie Pages when some of Gabriel’s earlier movies get shiny new editions, new images, new STUFF […]

Let’s Ring In the New Year!

2021 has been a banner year for Gabriel Byrne. Here’s a handy list, just to jog your memory: Published his second memoir, Walking With Ghosts, to wide acclaim and an infinite series of Zoom conversations Starred in Death of a Ladies’ Man, written and directed by Canadian Matt Bissonnette, with […]