Sunset Blvd Meets In Treatment

Jason in Hollywood, a blog about exploring Los Angeles, has a new posting entitled “Cool new billboards brightening LA’s skyline.” Our favorite? Yes, that great big huge beautiful In Treatment poster below, currently gracing Sunset Blvd. Pedestrians and drivers alike: Beware! And enjoy… smile It is difficult to keep one’s […]

The Year’s Best Performance So Far!

OK. “Among the year’s best performances so far.” Pardon my exaggeration, but I get excited about this! From Matthew Gilbert at the Boston Globe: This season has focused more on Gabriel Byrne’s Paul Weston, and that has really been working for me. Byrne has been dazzling, in his usual low-key […]

NPR’s Fresh Air Interview with Gabriel Byrne

Gabriel Byrne And The Art of Listening runs approximately 40 minutes and can be listened to at the NPR site or downloaded. Actor Gabriel Byrne is so convincing and sympathetic in his role as a psychoanalyst on the HBO series, In Treatment, that people have started telling him their problems…Byrne […]

“Universal Acclaim” for In Treatment Season Two!

The verdict is in from 17 reviews from major news outlets have been tallied and the grand score, as it stands right now, is 85. “Universal acclaim” is the result! This is an improvement over last year (final score then was 70, with some reviewers submitting really scathing opinions). […]

Contest! Prize = Season One DVD! Winner Noted in Comments Section!

In honor of In Treatment Season Two, here is a contest. These two gentlemen seem to be having an interesting conversation. What are they saying? Fill out the comments box of this posting with an appropriate caption for this picture. Be sure to include your name and email address. Your […]

Talking Therapy and More

Salon : Heather says in the blog I Like To Watch: …the acting on this show is so incredible that it’s hard to remember that there’s any acting going on at all. She also (astutely, I think) observes that …In Treatment’s ambivalent take on therapy is a big part of […]