Official Press on Renewal of In Treatment

Get out the champagne and salute Skateboard Guy, whose message was apparently received! smile Here is the  Official HBO press release (with my comments following): For Immediate Release HBO RENEWS CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED DRAMA SERIES IN TREATMENT FOR THIRD SEASON, WITH PRODUCTION TO START IN NEW YORK NEXT YEAR; GABRIEL BYRNE […]

In Treatment Season 1 Available for Pre-Order NOW

Byrneholics in the UK can now pre-order the Season 1 DVD of “In Treatment” from It will be released February 1, 2010. Go ahead. Pre-order it. Winter will be much warmer once you have Dr. Weston at home. smile Thanks to Lozzie for the alert. And there is a […]

The Fate of the Irish Film Board

It was a star-studded affair in an unlikely place: “the windowless, functional, fluorescent-lit chamber” in Leinster House, Dublin, where the Oireachtas Joint Committee on the Arts heard testimony regarding the possible axing of the Irish Film Board. The Irish Times reports Wednesday, 14 October [This article is now behind a paywall […]

Tiny “In Treatment” Tidbit = Keep Hope Alive

Thanks to CorFidele for this: Michael Ausiello, of The Ausiello Files over at Entertainment Weekly, answers this question from his most recent Q&A session: Question: I have a mad crush on Gabriel Byrne. When is “In Treatment” coming back? —Tara Ausiello: Negotiations to bring the show back for a third […]

In Treatment now available on iTunes Store UK

Just a tip of good news for all UK residents; you can now get Season 1 of In Treatment from the iTunes Store. A series pass costs £34.99, but of course, you can also get separate episodes at £1.89 each. Great to know that the show is beginning to get […]

Reviews for IT in the UK: UPDATED

In Treatment crossed the pond finally and now everyone is all aflutter. And rightly so! First, The Independent is all aglow after episode 1: Whatever, it’s exceedingly classy drama, reliant almost more on the pitch-perfect acting than on the excellence of the writing. It’s impossible to take your eyes off […]