Happy New Year from Byrneholics!

All the best to you in 2012! A set of New Year’s wallpapers is now available in the Flickr stream. Here is a sample. Enjoy! And, as usual, we have big plans for the Byrneholics website this coming year. Work on the Gallery continues, some new widgets will be available […]

Happy Holidays from Byrneholics Online!

Here is the official 2011 Byrneholics Holiday Season wallpaper for spiffing up your desktop and getting yourself into the best holiday mood in the world! With all good wishes for a great holiday season and as much merry-making as you can stand. PS. The End of Days Mega Movie Page […]

100,000+ Views at Flickr!

As of today, there are 273 Gabriel Byrne wallpapers created by me available at Flickr. And as of today, these have been viewed 103,238 times by YOU. What an amazing milestone! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to relish Mr. Byrne’s image, created by photographers from all over […]

A Gathering of Gabriel Websites

In addition to Byrneholics, here are three more cool places to enjoy Mr. Byrne–on the web, that is. It is great to see these sites extend the community of Byrne Fans which, as we know, is global in its reach! First up, the newest on the scene: The Whistling Gypsy […]

Aragarna’s Firefox Personas

Looking for a way to Byrne up your Firefox browser? Resident Byrne-ing Artist Aragarna has just what you need! She has created four Firefox Personas (Personae?) that you can download and install very easily in your Firefox browser. Thank you, Ara, for sharing your art with us. In Treatment Blue […]