100,000+ Views at Flickr!

Note: Effective in 2020, the Byrneholics Flickr stream was closed, leaving 47 Gabriel Byrne Wallpapers there for you to continue to enjoy. The Wallpaper Collection can now be viewed in the Gallery. Thanks for all the views over the years! –Stella heart Original posting on October 12, 2011 As of […]

A Gathering of Gabriel Websites

Updated June 21, 2021 The Whistling Gypsy, a fantastic Tumblr site devoted to Gabriel Byrne mentioned below, is no longer available. There is, however, another great Gabriel Byrne Tumblr site, appropriately titled: Fuck Yeah Gabriel Byrne It has a fantastic background theme and all of the pics, GIFs, quotes, and […]

Aragarna’s Firefox Personas

Looking for a way to Byrne up your Firefox browser? Resident Byrne-ing Artist Aragarna has just what you need! She has created six Firefox Personas (Personae?) that you can download and install very easily in your Firefox browser. Thank you, Ara, for sharing your art with us. In Treatment Blue […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Byrne!

Happiest of birthdays to Gabriel Byrne, who turns a glorious and silver foxy 61 today. To celebrate, here are two festive wallpapers. Load these up on your desktop, whip up a birthday cake, and get that champagne on ice! Oh, and remember to send him your birthday wishes by commenting […]

And The Winners Are…

Thanks to all who have participated in the “Gabriel Byrne Was Here” contest! You created beautiful, moving, and funny images of our Roving Ambassador and it was wonderful to see him in so many different places across the globe. We have three winners and a few comments about their submissions: […]

Gabriel Byrne Was Here! : Contest Submissions

Updated April 21: The contest is now closed! Many thanks to all who participated. Lara and I will get together over the weekend and evaluate the submissions. Watch the main site for a list of the lucky winners on Monday. Gabriel Byrne does bring out the creativity in us, does […]