WALKING WITH GHOSTS: Tickets to Stream Now Available!

Run, don’t walk, and register to stream Gabriel Byrne’s new stage play, Walking With Ghosts! Available world-wide and for any streaming device, the video will be available February 26 – March 4. Once you purchase your ticket and begin watching, you have access for 7 days AND you can watch […]

WALKING WITH GHOSTS: Premiere, Streaming, and More!

This is just a small taste of last night’s events at the world premiere of Gabriel Byrne’s one-man show, based on his book, Walking With Ghosts. The Gaiety Theatre was filled with friends, colleagues, and theater-lovers and they loved the stories he told and they loved the man himself. I […]

Welcome Home, Gabriel Byrne! — Updated

Updated January 31 I told you there might be good news on the way, and it turns out, there is! Hugh Chaloner is a videographer and editor living in Dublin. He will be filming Gabriel’s Play during this week. That sigh you hear is the collective sigh of Byrneholics Everywhere […]


The premiere of this new stage work, Walking With Ghosts, written and performed by Gabriel Byrne, based on his best-selling memoir from last year, is set for January 27 at the historic Gaiety Theatre in Dublin. It will be a night to remember, so if you can go, then GO! […]


Streaming On Demand WALKING WITH GHOSTS | Watch on Demand DATES AND TIMES Watch on demand from 8pm Saturday 26 Feb – midnight Friday 4 March.*All times are in Irish time (GMT). Please adjust for your local time zone. (For example 8pm in Ireland is 3pm in New York.) *Your […]

Gabriel Byrne. In His Own Words. On Stage In Dublin!

How many times during this past year have we all said: “Wouldn’t it be great if Gabriel re-created his book on stage somehow? I’d love to see that!” Well, now you can. The fantastic news broke early this morning: Details From the Landmark Productions website: Walking with Ghosts written and […]