Tiny “In Treatment” Tidbit = Keep Hope Alive

Thanks to CorFidele for this: Michael Ausiello, of The Ausiello Files over at Entertainment Weekly, answers this question from his most recent Q&A session: Question: I have a mad crush on Gabriel Byrne. When is “In Treatment” coming back? —Tara Ausiello: Negotiations to bring the show back for a third […]

Reviews for IT in the UK: UPDATED

In Treatment crossed the pond finally and now everyone is all aflutter. And rightly so! First, The Independent is all aglow after episode 1: Whatever, it’s exceedingly classy drama, reliant almost more on the pitch-perfect acting than on the excellence of the writing. It’s impossible to take your eyes off […]

In Treatment in the UK: An Update

Riitta and Lozzie bring this welcome news: In Treatment starts Monday, October 5 on Sky Arts 1 in Great Britain. There is an article concerning the series, with some conversation with its creator, at The Independent online. An excerpt: Two people sitting in a room talking – one of them […]

HBO on Twitter

Lily reports: HBO is now on Twitter (@HBO). I already asked them about IT Season 3 — maybe the Byrneholics community wants to do the same?  I’m @Lost_Lily This is great! Everyone can tweet @HBO and ask about Season Three. I’m going to do that right now. Thanks, Lily.

Rumor Mill: In Treatment Season 3

The rumors are starting. I share this one because it is so exciting to think that it might be true. A source has shared a chat session in which the following appeared: Fan #1: “So I have the official word from a friend of mine at HBO’s finance dept. – […]