Reviews for IT in the UK: UPDATED

In Treatment crossed the pond finally and now everyone is all aflutter. And rightly so! First, The Independent is all aglow after episode 1: Whatever, it’s exceedingly classy drama, reliant almost more on the pitch-perfect acting than on the excellence of the writing. It’s impossible to take your eyes off […]

In Treatment in the UK: An Update

Riitta and Lozzie bring this welcome news: In Treatment starts Monday, October 5 on Sky Arts 1 in Great Britain. There is an article concerning the series, with some conversation with its creator, at The Independent Online. An excerpt: Two people sitting in a room talking – one of them […]

HBO on Twitter

Lily reports: HBO is now on Twitter (@HBO). I already asked them about IT Season 3 — maybe the Byrneholics community wants to do the same?  I’m @Lost_Lily This is great! Everyone can tweet @HBO and ask about Season Three. I’m going to do that right now. Thanks, Lily.

Rumor Mill: In Treatment Season 3

The rumors are starting. I share this one because it is so exciting to think that it might be true. A source has shared a chat session in which the following appeared: Fan #1: “So I have the official word from a friend of mine at HBO’s finance dept. – […]

Eureka! In Treatment Season Two DVD

Finally and at last! The Great Big DVD Box of In Treatment, Season Two! is reporting that the DVD will be available in December. Read all about it and enjoy this box.

Good News for In Treatment Fans in the UK!

According to the online version of The Guardian, In Treatment, Season One will begin showing on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD in October. The episodes will play as they did in the US, one per night during the week, with all 5 episodes being shown on Sunday […]