New Design Is On The Way!

Happy New Year, everyone! It is that time of year again. Yes, time to polish up the Byrneholics website and make it all new and shiny in preparation for a big year for Gabriel Byrne! I am working closely with Web Magician Nenad. The new design should be in place […]

Website Redesign is Done!

By now you will have noticed a lot of changes here at Byrneholics! Most of these changes are cosmetic: new BIG header images, new sections for postings, etc. There are some changes I would like to draw to your attention, though. 1. The new header images are the largest I’ve […]

Website Redesign Starts Now!

Over the next few days, I will be implementing the new design for the Byrneholics website. With the help of my technology guru, Nenad, things should go pretty smoothly, but be prepared for strange-looking images while I get them re-sized. I hope you will enjoy the new design, which gives […]

Welcome To Byrneholics 6.0–New Site Design!

This happened faster than I thought it would, but here we go! A new theme has been implemented on the site. This new theme is “responsive,” meaning it looks good on a regular desktop screen, on a tablet screen, and on a cellphone screen. Give it a try on different […]

Byrneholics Website Enhancements

UPDATED June 20 This enhancement project is complete, as you have probably noticed. smile Here is more information about all of the new features and how you can use them. Thanks as always for your support and I hope you will always enjoy your visits here at Byrneholics! 1. Byrne-ing […]

Byrneholics Forum is now OPEN

March 8 Update: The Forum is now OPEN! Click on the link at the top of the Byrneholics homepage to get to the Forum. Other links or bookmarks will not work–or they will take you to an old version of the Forum that does not work! There are still some […]