Here, in alphabetical order by title, is a list of Gabriel Byrne films and TV series available on the web.

Also included are scenes from Saturday Night Live and some of his interview on Inside the Actor’s Studio, along with deleted scenes from a film or two.

Many thanks to Aragarna for compiling this list of links!

Remember to size the video so that it opens in full screen mode. Much better viewing experience that way.

And also remember to purchase any of Mr. Byrne’s films that are available on DVD or by commercial streaming when you can!

A Soldier’s Tale


The Courier

Dark Obsession

The End of Violence interview (DVD extras)

Gabriel Byrne on George Bernard Shaw

Complete 2018 documentary presented by Gabriel

Ghost Ship extras

Inside the Actor’s Studio

Jindabyne Extras
Deleted Scene
The Making of…Part 1
The Making of…Part 2
Jindabyne Interview:

Mussolini: The Untold Story, Part 1 Only


The 1984 film broken into 5 parts on YouTube

Saturday Night Live

Gabriel Byrne on Saturday Night Live – Irish… by aragarna