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Secret State, 2012

Return to Mega Movie Pages Plus role Tom Dawkins production Company Pictures, Newscope Films, and Channel Four UK, released in 2012 Writer: Robert Jones Based on the 1982 novel A Very British Coup, by Chris Mullin Director: Ed Fraiman Producer: Johann Knobel Also starring: Charles Dance, Rupert Graves, Lia Williams, […]

The Doors of Heaven: JUST A SIGH

Please note: There are spoilers in this essay about the French film Le temps de l’aventure, also known as Just A Sigh, which I viewed on DVD without the benefit of English subtitles. And so you should be warned. If you have seen the film, then you will understand where […]

QUIRKE: Report from Edinburgh + Book News

I am sorry to report that there is no information on the series premiere¬† of Quirke on BBC1 yet, but there is still lots of news to share! And once the date is announced, you will definitely see it here. In the meantime, if you would care to obsess over […]

Gabriel Byrne’s SECRET STATE

Updated November 18 Unlike many television critics in the US, who review individual episodes of series and often have their reviews up within an hour of the episode airing, it appears UK reviewers either preview (and spoil) a new drama series or write a review of the first episode and […]

A Moon for the Misbegotten, 2000

Return to Mega Movie Pages Plus role James Tyrone, Jr. Eugene O’Neill’s description of the character of James Tyrone Jr. Tyrone is in his early forties, around five feet nine, broad-shouldered and deep-chested. His naturally fine physique has become soft and soggy from dissipation, but his face is still good-looking […]