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Mega Movie Pages Plus

The Mega Movie Pages bring together trailers, videos, screenshots, promotional images, fan videos, interviews, reviews from critics and fans, film quotes, and more for each of the films listed below. You will also find Mega Television and Stage pages at the end of this list. New Mega Movie Pages are […]

Feature Films

Links go to the Mega Movie Page for the film CHECK OUT the PROJECTS section near the bottom of the homepage for updates on new TV and film productions! FILMOGRAPHY ON A PAVING STONE MOUNTED (UK, 1978) cast memberTHE OUTSIDER (Netherlands, 1979) cast memberEXCALIBUR (US, 1981) Uther PendragonTHE ROCKING HORSE […]

The Byrne-ing News, November 2021 Edition, Part 2

The Newest News Dance First, a film about Samuel Beckett One of my favorite online literary haunts is Lithub. It is like a cozy but very busy bookstore, full of smart and pleasant people who are happy to tell you what to read, what not to read (unless you really, […]