Byrne-ing Up the Screen for Valentine’s Day!

How do you spend Valentine’s Day? A little champagne with your significant other? Swanky dinner out on the town? Wine and heart-shaped cookies by the fire? Chocolates? Flowers? Diamonds? wink May we recommend all of the above PLUS a Byrne-ing hot Romantic film? Gabriel Byrne has made, it turns out, […]

In A Dangerous Mood: New Fan Vid!

Here is a compilation of some of Gabriel Byrne’s most memorable scenes from the film A Dangerous Woman, provided by the always reliable ADWBYGB. Love the scenes, love the B. B. King + Joe Cocker music, love this character! Sure, Mr. Byrne is sexy as all get out in this […]

Bless Me, Martha, For I Have Sinned

A Dangerous Woman is probably the most unsettling and enigmatic film Gabriel Byrne has made up to this point in his career. It also offers us one of his best performances. Of course. As the itinerant and hard-drinking Irish handyman, Colin Mackey, Mr. Byrne takes a role that borders on […]