VIKINGS : “Burial of the Dead”

A Teaser: And there is a recap of Episode 6 at the bottom of the page now. sad Here is the new Inside Look for Episode 6–WITH SPOILERS!–provided by the History Channel. Creator Michael Hirst puts everything in perspective for us. Be sure to hit the Full Screen button! And […]

Fan Roundtable Blogcast on Gabriel Byrne

After sharing tons of Gabriel Byrne interviews with you here at this website, now it is MY turn! Please join me, my colleague here at Byrneholics, Aragarna, and our friends at the Gabriel Byrne & InTreatment website, Linda and Scarlett, as we participate in a roundtable discussion about our favorite […]

BlogTalkRadio: Research on Gabriel Byrne

Updated August 18 I was unable to listen to Dr. Cherie Ann Turpin’s podcast on August 15 (selling my house and moving across the state took a big chunk out of my life that day!), but now that I have listened to it and absorbed it a bit, here are […]

Interview: Gabriel Byrne and His Agent, Teri Hayden

This radio interview is so cool. Apparently when they met, Gabriel Byrne and Teri Hayden were both at the beginning of their careers, so they learned the ropes together and they’ve been agent and client–and friends–ever since. Learn more about Mr. Byrne and his agent, Teri Hayden, in this interview […]

Christine Tobin’s New CD “Sailing To Byzantium”

Updated July 25 I received my CD from Amazon UK and I can report that it is absolutely delicious. The music is intriguing and evocative, the words of William Butler Yeats are illuminated in unexpected ways, and Gabriel Byrne’s three readings are indeed breath-taking. I recommend that you turn the […]

“There Are No Bad Men Here” : JINDABYNE Mega Movie Page

I hiked McKitrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Far West Texas over the Easter/Passover/Spring Holiday of Your Choice weekend. It is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert mountains, very close to Mexico, with creeks and blooming cactus in the springtime, Texas madrone trees and […]