The Byrne-ing News, November 2021 Edition, Part 2

The Newest News Dance First, a film about Samuel Beckett One of my favorite online literary haunts is Lithub. It is like a cozy but very busy bookstore, full of smart and pleasant people who are happy to tell you what to read, what not to read (unless you really, […]

Six Episodes of “Bracken”

Mr. Byrne’s role as Pat Barry in the early 1980’s Irish soap opera Bracken is the role for which many Irish fans remember him. Those of us who missed out on that show have never had the chance to see him at this early stage of his career. Now that […]

Gabriel Byrne in “Bracken”

Here is a real rarity: an excerpt, including the opening credits, from the first episode of the series Bracken, with Gabriel Byrne in the role of Pat Barry. Many thanks to @g12_el on Twitter for making this available and to Linda for her video wizardry! Bracken, a rural television drama […]

RTÉ’s Silver Anniversary

Nothing seems more appropriate, as we head into the New Year, than looking back over the fifty years of programming provided by RTÉ and celebrating the past. [As of September 8, 2016 this website is no longer available] has created a profile of what was originally called Telefis Éireann in […]

The Byrne-ing News, September 2010 Edition

Updated September 2: The audio for the RTE Radio Program remembering Mick Lally has been added to the end of this posting. Forgot to mention: Paris Barclay, In Treatment Director Extraordinaire, received an Emmy nod for an episode of Glee. In this article, the interviewer notes: Speaking of gay characters, […]

Documentary: Seó Man – Niall Tóibín

Addendum: More information about this documentary is available at New Decade Dublin-Based Film and TV Production company website. Good news from Lara: That documentary about Niall Tóibín from last year (which includes a Gabriel Byrne interview and rare Bracken footage) is actually available on demand from TG4 for a short […]