The Byrne-ing News, October 2010 Edition

October is turning out to be a very busy time for Gabriel Byrne! Here is the latest information about his schedule: October 1: The Irish Arts Center Eleventh Annual Spirit of Ireland Gala. Gabriel is one of the honorary chairs (along with Liam Neeson and others). Among the honorees this […]

The Byrne-ing News, September 2010 Edition

Updated September 2: The audio for the RTE Radio Program remembering Mick Lally has been added to the end of this posting. Forgot to mention: Paris Barclay, In Treatment Director Extraordinaire, received an Emmy nod for an episode of Glee. In this article, the interviewer notes: Speaking of gay characters, […]

In Treatment Season 2 DVD

UPDATE July 8: Intrepid reporter Aragarna notes that the Season 2 DVD will become available in France on September 15. Wah! Europe gets IT2 before the US! smile — Here’s a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July (if you are in the US, of course)!  We should not […]

Gabriel Byrne Narrates”Flight From Death”

Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality is a 2003 documentary investigating “humankind’s relationship with death.” Directed by Patrick Shen and narrated by Gabriel Byrne, it is available for purchase at Amazon. Flight from Death features an all-star cast of scholars, authors, philosophers, and researchers including Sam Keen, Robert Jay […]

In Treatment Season 1 Available for Pre-Order NOW

Byrneholics in the UK can now pre-order the Season 1 DVD of “In Treatment” from It will be released February 1, 2010. Go ahead. Pre-order it. Winter will be much warmer once you have Dr. Weston at home. smile Thanks to Lozzie for the alert. And there is a […]

Eureka! In Treatment Season Two DVD

Finally and at last! The Great Big DVD Box of In Treatment, Season Two! TV Shows On is reporting that the DVD will be available in December. [Note: TV Shows On closed in 2018] Enjoy this box!