Meet The Press

An interview about Quirke, among other hot topics, and an address concerning the future of Ireland and its people all over the world: Gabriel Byrne meets the press in myriad ways, as usual. a hint of Quirke Yes, this is as close to Quirke as we are going to get […]

The Business of the Arts

According to the [this article is now behind a paywall], Gabriel Byrne will be doing something new later this year. FUNDING: COMPANIES WILL have to be more involved in the arts to make up for the absence of Government funding, Minister for the Arts Jimmy Deenihan has said. Speaking at […] Launch

In addition to attending the Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin, Cultural Ambassador Byrne is also helping to launch the new gateway on the web for the Irish global community: [As of September 8, 2016 this website is no longer available] Some have commented that this new web resource […]

Gabriel Byrne on Panel at Global Forum

Updated October 10 The video from the Saturday morning panel “Promoting Irish Culture,” with Ambassador Byrne, author Colm Tóibín, and comedian Dara O Briain, is only available at RTE until October 29, so hurry over and view it while you can. A transcript of quotes from Mr. Byrne is in […]