Benjamin Black’s Dublin: Gabriel Byrne as Quirke

January 16, 2013 The big news today is the casting of Colin Morgan in the third episode of Quirke, entitled Elegy for April, the third in the Benjamin Black series of Quirke books. Mr. Morgan will be playing the role of Jimmy Minor. If you’ve read the books, you know […]

Reflecting on “Reflections” (1984)

Gabriel Byrne, currently about to star in a mini-series for Channel 4 UK, starred in another project for Channel 4 back in 1984: Reflections. Based on the novel The Newton Letter, by John Banville, this television film offers great writing, of course, and a great cast, including Byrne, Donal McCann, […]

QUIRKE Filming Begins

Yes, it is a bit early for the American celebration of Thanksgiving, but Byrneholics around the globe are celebrating the start of filming for the new BBC series Quirke, a 3-part mini-series based on the first three novels by Benjamin Black. If you live in Ireland, you are in luck: […]

QUIRKE: A New Series from BBC One

Updated September 7 The Irish Times provides some insight into why Gabriel Byrne is a great choice for the role of Quirke. Quirke probably does not smile this nicely… However, readers who are only now embarking on the novels, starting with the first, Christine Falls, might be more than a […]

No Longer A Rumor: Quirke Comes To Television

We reported not long ago that Andrew Davies was developing the Quirke stories by Benjamin Black for television. Mr. Davies mentioned this in passing in another interview. And, as we know, projects like this can be fickle things, stopping and starting and progressing in spurts or dying quietly while no […]