Celebrating “End of Days”!

Quick! Before we start celebrating “The Holidays,” let’s celebrate some fictional End Times, shall we? Break out the champagne and popcorn, because November 24 is the 20th anniversary of End of Days, Gabriel Byrne’s foray into mischief-making, mayhem, and devilry! Ordinarily, I would now present you with glowing reviews and […]

Live Your Life: The CARRIE PILBY Mega Movie Page

Do some early holiday shopping and grab the Carrie Pilby Mega Movie Page now or read a bit below to discover why this movie is special! Gabriel Byrne takes on a supporting role in a project with the same commitment, emotional investment, and care as he does the lead. It’s […]

Miracle in the Atacama Desert: THE 33 Mega Movie Page

If you like to live dangerously, go ahead and jump to The 33 Mega Movie Page. If you would rather play it safe (like a mining engineer!), then read the introduction below. The choice is yours. smile You remember, don’t you? The initial reports of the mine collapse in Chile […]

Caught in the Crossfire: LIES WE TELL Mega Movie Page

Tell the truth. You want to jump directly to the Lies We Tell Mega Movie Page, don’t you? Well, you can do that. Or you can read the introduction below. heart We usually think of Gabriel Byrne on screen as the man in charge, often a teacher or intellectual, sometimes […]