SECRET STATE Mega TV Page: Gabriel Byrne for PM!

Visit the Secret State Mega TV Page and also, if you are inclined, read my brief essay about the series below. Thanks! A petrochemical explosion kills several people and injures almost 100. The company responsible will not answer questions and seems to be involved in a cover-up. Residents are clamoring […]

The Byrne-ing News, December 2013 Edition

Happy New Year, Everyone! Below you will find a recap of all of the Byrne-ing News for December, including a holiday appearance by Mr. Byrne, film and TV series news, and a new Mega Movie Page. On a personal note: I will be moving into my new house over the […]

“Polish Wedding”: Epic Lives in Small Places*

At the very end of the last century, Gabriel Byrne took on two roles for which he will be remembered in this one, primarily because of the contrast between them: the priest in Stigmata and Satan in End of Days. In choosing these roles, he seemed to be taking the […]

“Spider”: The Abstract Made Real

Our fathers seemed so big to us when we were children, didn’t they? Whether they were short and stout or tall and thin or somewhere in between, they loomed large in our lives. They might have been the source of  love, correction, understanding, or our desire to rebel. No matter–they […]

Bless Me, Martha, For I Have Sinned

A Dangerous Woman is probably the most unsettling and enigmatic film Gabriel Byrne has made up to this point in his career. It also offers us one of his best performances. Of course. As the itinerant and hard-drinking Irish handyman, Colin Mackey, Mr. Byrne takes a role that borders on […]

“There Are No Bad Men Here”

I hiked McKitrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park over the Easter/Passover/Spring Holiday of Your Choice weekend. It is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the Far West Texas desert mountains, with creeks and blooming cactus in the springtime, Texas madrone trees with their exotic red bark, mule […]