“There Are No Bad Men Here” : JINDABYNE Mega Movie Page

I hiked McKitrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Far West Texas over the Easter/Passover/Spring Holiday of Your Choice weekend. It is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert mountains, very close to Mexico, with creeks and blooming cactus in the springtime, Texas madrone trees and […]

How Hubbly-Jubbly for Us! : The WAH-WAH Mega Movie Page

Wah-Wah is the semi-autobiographical  film by first-time director Richard E. Grant that contains a remarkable performance by Gabriel Byrne, who plays his father in the film. How Mr. Byrne managed to channel Mr. Grant’s father in his portrayal of this complicated man is a miracle. This is perhaps Gabriel’s finest […]

Defence of the Realm: The Acid Test

In his  review of Defence of the Realm, Gene Siskel observes that one of the “acid tests” for determining a good film is if it provokes in you a desire to be part of the world it depicts. In this case, his response is “Yes!” He is fascinated by the world […]

Gothic: Byron, the Romantic Rebel

Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth, and Coleridge will all be remembered for their poetry. Byron will be remembered for his poetry as well, but he may be remembered even more for his rebellious, seductive, creative, and heroic life–a life as notable for its scandals as its literary achievements. A peer of the realm, […]

The Fallen Angel

Milton got it right, even though he did not intend to do so. Paradise Lost is interesting, as a story and as a poem, while Satan is in the spotlight. As literary critics have noted, Milton saw in Satan all his own “best qualities.” God’s fallen angel is an “heroic […]