Here There Be Vikings! New Mega TV Page

You can sail straight over to the New Vikings Mega TV Page or you can hack your way through the introduction below. wink In the summer of 2012, Gabriel Byrne found himself back home in Ireland, not on vacation, but working. His hair was long, his mustache was full, and […]

One Very Special Viking! And New Trailers!

Updated February 1 Courtney over at New Media Strategies has shared new clips [Please note: unfortunately, the video clips are no longer available] and some information in anticipation of the March 3 airing of the new History Channel series, Vikings. We say “Thanks, Courtney!” She says: About VIKINGS: The extraordinary […]

VIKINGS Attacks in March 2013!

Yes! Heading our way in the New Year is Gabriel Byrne in Vikings! It has been some time since Mr. Byrne has appeared in an historical drama and this one looks like a winner. It has all the hallmarks of a good rousing tale and it was shot exclusively in […]

New Actors Join “Vikings”

Updated Sept. 5: New Actors Join “Vikings” According to the Irish Film and Television Network (IFTN), three new actors have decided to become Vikings! Irish actors David Pearse, John Kavanagh and Diarmaid Murtagh have joined the cast of ‘Vikings’, which is currently shooting at Ashford Studios in Co Wicklow… A […]

The History Channel’s new series: Vikings!

UPDATE May 23 Quoting entire articles is not the usual practice here, but I cannot resist giving you the good news about this series courtesy of Antoinette Kelly at Irish Central, who informs us that filming for the series begins in July in Ireland! Gabriel Byrne has always made surprising […]