The Byrne-ing News, December 2012 Edition

We have been covering I, Anna, Secret State, and Quirke here on the main website and there are several articles you can read about these three projects. Something slipped by about Secret State, though: The Sun (UK) [This article is no longer available on the Internet] Our politicians are too […]

New Actors Join “Vikings”

Updated Sept. 5: New Actors Join “Vikings” According to the Irish Film and Television Network (IFTN), three new actors have decided to become Vikings! Irish actors David Pearse, John Kavanagh and Diarmaid Murtagh have joined the cast of ‘Vikings’, which is currently shooting at Ashford Studios in Co Wicklow… A […]

The Byrne-ing News, July 2012 Edition

While Gabriel Byrne is thrashing Ragnar on the set of Vikings (we hope!), activity swirls around him and his on-going projects. The outstanding documentary about him is screening in Dublin. The Costa-Gavras film, Capital, is on the schedule for TIFF. The Irish studio where all that Ragnar-thrashing is happening has […]

New Warriors Join “Vikings”

Well, they are not all warriors, but several new folks have been added to the acting roster for the History Channel’s new scripted series, Vikings. And once again the Irish Film and Television Network (IFTN) gets the exclusive: Australian actor Travis Fimmel has been cast in the lead role in […]

Films, Television Series, and More in the Pipeline

Please Note: The Projects Page no longer exists as a separate page. A section on the main homepage is devoted to Projects now, so check it out! Now that Gabriel Byrne is back before the cameras–multiple cameras, it seems!–he continues to be one of the busiest men on the planet. […]

VIKINGS Begins: Get Your Warrior On!

The Irish Film and Television Network (IFTN)  reports that warriors, maidens, farmers, and others with long hair and sturdy armor are needed immediately to report to Dublin and County Wicklow for a special assignment. Yes, the new History Channel series Vikings is on the look-out for extras–thousands of them, apparently! […]