Full name: Gabriel James Byrne
Irish name: Gabriel Séamas Ó Broin
Date of Birth:
May 12, 1950 at 3:00 am
Place of Birth: Walkinstown, Dublin, Ireland
Current Place of Residence: Maine, USA
Eyes: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height:  5’10”
Heritage: Irish
Citizenship: Ireland
Alma Mater: University College Dublin, Archaeology
Early Schooling:

  • First educated by the nuns in The Coombe (an area in Dublin)
  • Later taught by the Christian Brothers
  • Sent to England at the age of 11 to become a priest

Childhood Hobby: Football; played for Stella Maris
Musical Skills: the Accordion

Meaning of the name Gabriel:

  • the origin is Hebrew and is translated as “God is my might”
  • the angel Gabriel makes several appearances in both the Old and New Testament

Father: Daniel

  • Former solder in the Irish Army
  • Worked as a cooper at a Guinness brewery in Dublin
  • Deceased, 1987

Mother: Eileen

  • Maiden name was Gannon
  • Hospital nurse in Galway
  • Deceased, July 24, 2002

Marital Status:

Married Hannah Beth King August 4, 2014 in County Cork, Ireland

Herald.ie: Family and friends celebrate Gabriel’s secret wedding
(August 7, 2014)

Previous wife: Ellen Barkin

  • Met Gabriel during the filming of their 1987 movie, Siesta
  • Married 1988; Separated 1993; Divorced 1999


  • son Jack Daniel (born October 1989)
  • daughter Romy Marion (born November 1992)
  • Gabriel and his wife, Hannah Beth, welcomed their new baby girl, Maisie James, in February, 2017.


Mr. Byrne is represented by The Agency in Dublin, Ireland

Download Mr. Byrne’s Curriculum Vitae from the Agency

Watch Gabriel’s Official Showreel on Vimeo

The Books:

Walking With Ghosts, a memoir

  • Published in 2020 by Pan McMillan, UK
  • Published by Grove Press, USA in 2021

Pictures In My Head

  • first published in Ireland in 1994 by Wolfhound Press, Ltd.
  • American edition published in 1997 by Roberts Rinehart Publishers